Topic Title: Aneurysms
Created On: 01/03/2001 12:23 PM

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 02/16/2001 10:50 AM

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I recently had an aneursym in my right wrist repaired. I have since heard from friends that it could be a hereditary problem. I am concerned if I might have any more time bombs in my body. And how to check for them or if it is something that is readily screened for after a discovery of possible manifestation due to the inclusion of an intial discovery? Is a MRI the best way to detect this or what?
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 01/03/2001 12:23 PM

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I am very concerned on how many people die from Aneursyms, daily.. I have a 18yr old relative (male) who had a Aneurysm. Fortunately he survived. Two years later, November 2000 another male relative of mine, 25yrs old, was very unfortunate. He did not survive. The same surgeon treated both of my relatives. The surgeon stated Aneurysms are/can be heriditary. He advised all siblings, and relatives have MRA/MRI done. I have three children, I would like all of them checked. My son has a stabbing pain between his eye and bridge of his nose. His dr. referred him to a Opthamologist. My question is: What are the guidelines on testing for Aneurysms? I do not want o feel the pain of losing another loved one due to Aneurysm. Do we just sit by and let Aneurysms sneak up on us and take lives? What is being done currently in the medical field? This is a very serious condition. There needs to be more awareness. Since then I have heard of two people dying, and two recovering. Please respond with all you can. I am in desperate need of answers. As well as my family.
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