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May 26, 2022  
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Topic Title: Breaking Veins
Created On: 05/12/2004 10:49 PM
 02/08/2005 09:59 AM

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hey thanks for recommending the varicose vein treatment from www.naturalisproducts.com . i tried it and it works but it took about four weeks before significant reduction in the varicose veins. i was almost like wanting to give up in the third week of treatment, but my condition took a sudden change and improved greatly so after. i am now into my second jar and its looking better.
 02/08/2005 05:28 AM

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I have also had this happen, but have not been to doctor. I am 45 and have had veins hurt, rise up and pop and leave terrible bruising. Like first lady, I have wondered about the condition of the veins in other parts of my body (other than feet and hands) doing the same thing. My feet, hands and legs are very sensitive to only slight pressure put on them. It is painful just to have our cat step on my lower leg.
 12/25/2004 12:49 PM

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using this naturalis varicose vein treatment. provides fast relief and quick reduction of varicose/spider vein problem, see naturalisproducts.com .
 05/12/2004 10:49 PM

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I am a 58 yr. old female and discontinued use of the hormone patch a year ago. The veins in my fingers have been breaking for many years but recently I get large areas in my feet, calves, tops of hands and arms where veins break, leaving a large bruise. I do not lift weights, am not overweight, and walk for an hour every day. I, too spoke with several doctors about this condition and was told not to worry about it. I take one "baby aspirin" a day as a preventive measure and my blood was tested to see if the dose was too large. I was told my blood is just fine. Does anyone have any solutions to this problem, I worry about a vein breaking in my head and the large bruises look like someone has beat me up.
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