Role of hyperglycemia in nitrotyrosine postprandial generation

Topic Title: Role of hyperglycemia in nitrotyrosine postprandial generation
Created On: 03/04/2003 06:07 PM

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 03/04/2003 06:07 PM

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In the news today:Role of hyperglycemia in nitrotyrosine postprandial generationThe love of my life is a 52 yo male with a history of autonomic vasodepressor syncope with a dual lead pacemaker, CAD, and GERD. He had carpel tunnel surgery Friday. Saturday night he felt very ill so he went to ER wityh suspected, URI, nausea, and some chest pressure. He was admitted and placed on telemetry... Monday morning a so called RN walked into his room did not check room number, chart, charted orders, wrist band or patient ID. She injected him with 6 untis of insulin that was supposed to have gone to another patient in another room.. He is NOT diabetic, the error was not found for 90 minutes, and it took another 90 minutes to get food into him because of the time of day. He was in and out all day, could barely stay awake. I have questions, the hospital is being less that forthcoming with answers. WHAT DID THEY DO TO HIM ? WHY DID IT HAPPEN ? WILL HE RECOVER ? WAS THERE PERMANENT DAMAGE ? WHAT IS HIS PROGNOSIS ? DAMAGE TO PANCREAS ? WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR HIM NOW ? WHAT MONITORING AND TESTING NEEDS TO BE DONE ? HOW CAN THESE STUPID ERRORS BE STOPPED ? The hospital is not providing answers, but they did offer to not charge him for the room Monday..... how nice wonder if the hospitals involved with amputating the wrong leg in Florida, or the unnecessary mastectomies in Minnesota, or the assinine transplant screw up in NC at Duke made the same offers to those families?
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