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July 31, 2021  
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Topic Title: Signs of a MI
Created On: 03/27/2004 12:27 PM
 02/03/2008 01:51 PM

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It is wonderfull you seem to be so optimistic. I hope you are ok now and your condition inproved. Yes, MI is not so easy to pass through, it is very hard sometimes to deal with it and find that equilibrium, but with your faily's support you can always succeed.
You burning sensations may still be due to the stenoss in you right coronary. Also, I would try to suggest that you should again try if nytroglicerine remains efficient in case you feel burning sensations - this may be an indicator that your arteries still are narrowed.
And about the risk factors that brought you to this experience - it is not always due to the what we eat and what we smoke - sometimes Heart Attack occurence is facilitated by hereditary factors.
I hope my post will be helpful not just for you, but other visitors interested in this problem. Hpe you feel better now.
I wrote more about heart attack risk factors on my site at http://www.allheartattack.com/risks/index.php
 03/27/2004 12:27 PM

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2 weeks ago my Fiance and I went to bed and during the night,I woke up with slight Nausea and a "burning" sensation in between my shoulder blades.I assumed it was because of the way I had fallen asleep.I got up stretched a bit then went back to bed,laying my pillows on top of one another so I could rest my shoulder blades up higher.Got up the next morning,kinda complained to George about my night.He asked me if they still burned,and I told him yes.Was shortly after when eating breakfast,the Naseaua came back,and he said "we are going to the hospital" I protested a bit,but got up to go get dressed,when then the crushing chest pain kicked in.Luckily EMT was fast and gave me a nitro pill.Was admitted after my EKG showed that I had flipped my T-wave...at this point my levels were good (the Tri something) so a MI was ruled out....Till later in the evening when the levels went from 0.09 to 5.4 .Was transfered to a Heart Hospital and had the CATH procedure.My right artery was 95% blocked and Dr put in the Stent(coated one) .I am only 48 years old,not over weight at all, eat fairly healthy not alot of fatty foods, my Cholesterol level was ok,my downfall..Was I smoked a pack a day.Not any more.. Now comes the dealing with the after effects. on pins and needles but am dealing with it , with the support of my family and my Fiance.Only thing that concerns me to date , is I still get the burning sensation in between my shoulder blades.Not every day,but on days that maybe I have over done a little..EX,,Walked in a grocery store.(Nothing to strenuous ?) Wether or not anyone can say they too have this after a CATH,I dont know.But will say has helped talking to you! Thank you and On the Road to a New life with a New heart!
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