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December 04, 2021  
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Topic Title: Pacemaker
Created On: 12/01/2002 06:13 PM
 09/11/2003 01:11 PM

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You may e-mail me
 01/13/2003 02:54 PM

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I am trying to find information regarding pacemakers for children. I have a 22-month-old grandaughter that has an enlarged heart and is scheduled to have a pacemaker installed within the next week. I am unable to find any information about small children who have had this procedure and what their follow-up care would require. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Sincerly Naomi
 12/01/2002 06:13 PM

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Reason I have Pacemaker: I occasionally had small spells of blacking out that caused me to fall several times a month. I, also, had hard painful skip beats that the doctors alway said were harmless. I would become dizzy, break out in a sweat, and get a tightness in the neck if I had several of them in a row. I noticed that my problems increased if I have fluid retention. With an Event Monitor results, the Doctor said I needed a Pacemaker right away. I had Sick Sinus Syndrome and my heart was stopping up to nine seconds. They said they didn’t know if the Pacemaker would help my skip beats. In August of this year, they put in a dual lead Pacemaker. I started feeling the pain in the center of my chest soon after the surgery. When I would travel in a car my chest would start to hurt like a knife was left in there and something was pushing on my chest. After we would go over a bump in the road, I would feel like a sharp shock in my chest under the breast bone in the center, about six inches below the top of my collarbone. When I started to get short of breath and my neck would hurt, we would have to stop the car. Every 10 to 20 miles, I had to rest until the pain eased off. In the Doctors office, the Doctor tried to help by adjusting the Pacemaker. He tried several times, but each time it only made it worse. When they would change the pace of the Pacemaker, it would start hurting exactly like it did in the car. When they turned it off, I got dizzy. It did feel like something pressing on my chest, but it did not have the sharpness. Also, every time they would change it or turn it off, I would get short of breath, just like in the car. Finally it got to where I hurt almost all the time and had hard time breathing. On Nov. 4th they took out the bottom lead and put a new lead in another area of my heart, hoping that it might help. I am breathing better, but I am still not able to ride in a car, (same problem), plus I still become short of breathe and exhausted if I try to do anything. My EP Doctor says they have done thousands of implants and have never seen this problem before, but thinks it might be from the Marfan. I asked him if it could be Cholesterol blockage causing the pain, but he said no. He gave me an Echo, but saw no inflammation. Two weeks ago he said he was going to talk to another doctor that knows something about Marfan, but have not heard back. I am in a lot of pain. If I did not have this Pacemaker in me, I would have thought I was having a Heart Attack. It hurts. I did not have this pain before the implant. I take: Atenolol 75MG - Celebrex 400MG- Hydrochlorothiazide 121/2MG – Plendil 2.5MG. Current Problems: High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Fluid retention, I have a slightly enlarged heart valve, (diagnosed in 2000 with instructions to keep blood pressure slightly below normal and it should be OK).
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