Am I having heart attacks?

Topic Title: Am I having heart attacks?
Created On: 10/09/2003 01:35 AM

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 02/03/2008 01:40 PM

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In your place I would first consult my family doctor or a cardiologist in your area.If Aspirin helped you, it seems you really may expereince some chest pain due to a thrombus in your coronaries.If you want to read more about treating heart attack with aspirine - i wrote a short article at hope it will help you or other who might pass through this page, as I see you posted 2 years ago. I hope you are okAdd more about your experience here!
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 10/09/2003 01:35 AM

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I'm getting ready to go to a Doctor to get examined. I'm concerned on what's been happening lately and want to make sure I ask the Dr. the right questions. I've been having that "arm is asleep" feeling in my left arm almost continuously for weeks now. Periodically I'll have sharp shooting pains in my chest in addition to the arm sensation. Also, when laying down watching TV or quietly reading a book, my heart will start beating really fast, almost as though I'd been scared, that adreneline feeling. But I can't get the beat to slow down. Each of these episodes last about 5 minutes, sometimes longer if I'm walking in a store or moving around. If I'm moving and get a sharp pain in my chest, I nearly double over right in that very spot. I've been taking an asprin during those times and oddly it appeared to help. Am I having heart attacks? Am I leading up to a heart attack? Are these just normal things? Anxiety? I'm only 32, non-smoker, regular weight, moderately athletic, and relatively good diet, no drugs. Each of my family members have died of cancer: lungs, heart, stomach, etc., emphazema; my cousing died of a heart attack, he was my age, but they were all smokers-except for my cousin. I'm nervous, should I be? Where do I start to get checked out? A general practitioner, a specialist etc.? What questions should I ask? What tests should I make sure they do? I really would appreciate any assistance, thankyou!
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