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December 04, 2021  
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Topic Title: Has my dangerous past caught up with me?
Created On: 11/13/2009 10:06 AM
 11/13/2009 10:06 AM

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Okay here I go. Growing up in the 90s, I was given LARGE amounts of ritalin from age 5-15. During this time I would wake up almost NIGHTLY with paralysis AND frequent stopping of breathing that would wake me in panic. Most of this went away after age 15 and I said STOP giving me ritalin. A few years, a little bit of partying, smoking and a little bit of Hollywood modeling later, I started Adderall therapy this spring when I decided to clean my life up. Almost as soon as I began adderal, I developed unfamiliar and SUDDEN DAILY heart irregularities that show up on my home BP monitor but conveniently werent caught at ER. NOTE however in 2002 an isolated similar collapse inscident produced an "abnormal" EKG but we didnt have $ to purdue. My sister has a mild regurgatory valve heart. For me, These arrhythmias seem closes to atrial fibrillation or a BAD case of skipped beats...All the time. The arrhythmias seem to vary in their forms and often comorbid, but not every symptom happens every time: Shortness of breath, fatigue, momentary altered vision, vague sites of bad circulation or numbness, infrequent mild pooling of blood in feet/hands, anxiety, and VERY erratic fluctuations in BP/heart rate, correlated to postural dizziness. The ER visit did EKG, some blood work, and casually diagnosed me with Anxiety disorder which was comforting and made sense...UNTIL these cardio symptoms marched on WITHOUT anxiety as I entered Benzodiazepine therapy. Now instead of panicking I'd go "Oh yeah there goes my heart pattern and I'l feel hella faint and nauseated but I wont mind". so Il go about business. My psychiatrist ordered comprehensive lab work before i began adderall but the results mysteriously NEVER MATERIALIZED and after pursuing both through her and the labs, ive given up on that.  My anxiety is gone now and was a short lived condition of quitting street drugs, but these heart issues remain and its been 6 months now. On days I omit my adderall, but take my Ativan, it sets me up for return of SEVERE central sleep apnea independent of position. Adderall may be the subject here but It prevents me thoroughly from every evil such as drugs, smoking, and without it I found myself UNABLE to move on. Any suggestions? I CANT see a cardiologist/doctor due to financial situations so instead I can only do my best to discuss with others what is most likely, pool the answers and draw my own outcome to handle it until I can get seen. Whats Ironic is I never ever had any symptoms like this during my "hollywood lifestyle parting" if you will.... which consisted of fun far more unhealthy than just adderall therapy. Maybe the electrical changes triggered specifically by adderall exposed the previously hidden damage done by the my history? In recent weeks Ive noticed a gradual decline in mental reasoning, and ability to "do the little things in life" which scares me. Oh yeah. LAST NIGHT something WEIRD happened unprecedent. I had a modest decrease in my visual quality but nothing major except when I'd look left, Suddenly I get double vision. Look forward or look right everything is normal but look left, I see stuff twice. Creeped me out. This was in accompany to a BAD arrhythmia I had last night, during which my general balance was way off and I found myself stumbling around my apartment for a hot minute. Aside from mild sleep deprivation and stress, little reason that would occur but I think its related to arrhytmia. The left side double vision did not last for more than a few hours but today my vision is still off, in a way things around the room seem to jump out at me if you will, subdle change in perception of surroundings. Stuff like that. I am 25, 6ft 1, Male with LOW cholesterol. Thanks again so much! Here are some of my last readings from today and yesterday: BP 129/83 pulse 93. Arrhythmia: NEGATIVE BP 137/93 pulse 85. Arrhythmia: POSITIVE BP 99/70  pulse 127. Arrhythmia: NEGATIVE BP 127/88 pulse 87. Arrhythmia: NEGATIVE BP 118/88 pulse 152. Arrhythmia: POSITIVE  note: severe lightheadedness
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