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December 03, 2021  
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Topic Title: Split S2 - What Is Underlying Cause?
Created On: 09/24/2002 12:09 PM
 10/25/2002 02:46 PM

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wish I could be more help since I don't know anything at all about this condition, but do know that in addition to thyroid disorders, you may want to test for anemia and/or High Blood Pressure as they also can affect heart function. Good luck!
 09/24/2002 12:09 PM

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Hello, My daughter, age 11 has just been diagnosed with Split S2. We first became aware of this when she was only 10 months old. She would occasionally clutch at her chest and cry, saying, "Mummy, hurts!" It was terrifying for us to see her like this, but we couldn't seem to get anyone to take us serious. We changed Dr's many times to try to get someone to listen to us & put a stethoscope on her. Finally, she is 11 years old and a Dr in our area has caught what he calls a Split S2. He says it's very distinct, he can hear it when she lies down or stands - it sounds like the heart clapping, then another second echo clap. What he cannot fathom, is why she gets pain. He has done the ECG, echo-doppler, and a pulmonary fitness test, and nothing so far has been conclusive. She should not have any symptoms with Split S2 he says. So we are still baffled and somewhat fearful. She is to carry on as though she were the picture of health, which she is otherwise. My concern is that since we have no answers as to the origin of the Split S2, and no answers as to the cause of her pain, should she remain as active as she is. I don't want to put restrictions upon her unneccessarily, but she has complained to me about her gym teacher forcing her to do laps around the gymnasium, and she feels like she wants to stop. The teacher won't allow her to stop. Also the Dr who diagnosed the split S2 feels he does not want to do anything invasive, nor expose our daughter to radiation, but I wonder what is next, or even if we need to persue it? I am also considering having her tested for thyroid disorder, as I have heard that murmurs can be caused by thyroid disorders. We seem to have a family history of thyroid disorders, though I am not one of those affected. Any feedback appreciated, especially anyone who has had similar experiences, or knowlege - and thanks!
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