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December 07, 2021  
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Topic Title: Problems stemming from???
Created On: 03/31/2003 01:33 PM
 05/22/2004 12:36 AM

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Dear anonymous, I would seek a second cardiology opinion. Sometimes when we see the same doc for a while they loose the fresh approach you could get from someone who has nevr heard your complaints before. Before you go in make a written record of your problems so that you can present your complaints in an organized fashion and indicate the things that are the most worrisome. Good luck. jj2000
 03/31/2003 01:33 PM

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I am 32 years old. I have been suffering from dizziness & fatigue along with heart palpations and feeling faint. I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse 8 years ago and I am not taking any medication for it. Over the last few months my blood pressure has been steadily increasing. I normally run at the end of low normal. My Dr. does not seem concerned about this. I am falling asleep at times without warning. I had major back surgery last year to fuse two levels front and back along with titanium instramentation. I suffer from DJD in nearly every joint in my body. I also have acid reflux disease that makes me feel ill often. My Mother suffered a major heart attack at age 55. She had a quadruple bypass that nearly killed her due to unexplained bleeding through tissue. My Father has a mild murmur. I have palpations in which my heart beats so hard and fast that it can be seen outside even while I am wearing a jacket. I become faint and all turns black during these episodes. Afterwards, my heart stops for a couple seconds, quivers a few times and then starts and goes back to normal. These episodes can happen even when I am sitting down doing nothing. I have done stress tests which have not led anywhere. Of course these were done a number of years ago. I have worn a Holter twice (also years ago) but other than showing an irregular heartbeat, it was inconclusive. I have never worn the holter during one of the aove episodes and the stress tests (treadmill tests) were unable to bring it on. I do not smoke. I do suffer from depression which can sometimes be severe. Depression runs in my family and we have had a number of suicides related to it. I hate going to the Dr. unless absolutely neccessary. These problems are really starting to interfere with my work. I'm at a loss. Has anybody dealt with these symptoms before and if so, what was/were the cause/s? hank you
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